The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy

by T Lothrop Stoddard

Counter-Racist Book Review by Josh Wickett


Go get this book.

Stop reading and go find this book!

There was a time when White people openly discussed White Supremacy. Unlike today when it is often impossible to get a White person to even admit they are White, back in the 1920s, serious debate was raging among White people regarding “the problem” and how to solve it. The “problem” back then for White people was the same “problem” they have today: How to maintain White Supremacy and why it’s important to do so. The White Supremacists have made the concept of mistreating people based on color a reality. They have proven they are smart enough to do this. As a victim of this mistreatment practiced by the only members of a race, [race[ism], I am really not qualified to tell you how it works. And this is what makes this book so interesting. You got a White man and he’s talkin! He’s talking about the importance of White Supremacy and why it must be maintained by any means necessary.

The Rising Tide of Color is a book written in the 1920s by Lothrop Stoddard, a well-known academic scholar/statesman of his day. The introduction is an analysis of the planet as seen through the eyes of another White man, Madison Grant who besides being a scholar and close friend of Lothrop Stoddard, also wrote a very interesting book along these same lines called The Passing of a Great Race. It is a brief overview of the history of White people including their national origins and physical characteristics. He gives an interesting description of what the world was like before White Supremacy existed and a grave warning of the consequences of its abolishment.

Part 1 opens with a chapter called, The World of Color, Which is an overview of the world as it appeared in 1914. The White people of the world have chosen sides and are preparing to slaughter each other in what they referred to at the time as “The Great War” but which came to be known as World War 1. Stoddard is nervous, He knows that the coming White conflict could result in the weakening of White Supremacy, he watches non-white people worldwide as they fantasize about a world free from White domination. The chapter is full of ominous warnings to White people of the consequences of failing to unite as a race; of all the White people that will die and the millions that will never be born…Probably the most powerful anti-war argument a White person will ever hear.

The next 4 chapters describe non-white people in amazing detail. For all you non-white people out there who have bought the lie that White people practice racism out of ignorance about you; your whole line of reasoning is about to get sunk. The 4 chapters: “Yellow mans land”, ” Brown mans land”, ” Black mans land”, “Red mans land”, will not only show you how much the White Supremacists study non-white people but also, how ignorant you are of yourself. The language is rich and accurate, contemporary events are described in a type of clarity that gives you great insight into the self-image of White people and how they view the non-white “others”.
You will be blown away by Stoddard’s views concerning Islam in the chapter titled “Brown Mans Land”. His scientific, logic based racial approach is free from all that demonic, emotional, cartoonish, Godzilla vs. Iraqi man, Willie bin Horton, da corn bread man gonna get me, nigga boogieman, “axis of evil” bullshit you being fed all day. Just one White man calmly describing the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation, and since he’s a White man; tha shit is valid!

Part 2 of the book is called “The Ebbing of the Tide”. It basically deals with the actions of White people in the past. In keeping with Stoddard’s “water” theme, the chapters have names like, “The White Flood” and “The Beginning of the Ebb”… If you’re a high school drop out like me and never learned about ancient Greece, Stoddard’s chapter titled “The Modern Peloponnesian War” is gonna make you wanna go back to school. He refers to the Peloponnesian War as “the suicide of Greek civilization“…”the saddest page of history”. Come on, you seen those Greek statues in the museums, you heard of Homer, Hercules…the Iliad and the Odyssey…Greek civilization was “da bomb!” They had the language, the art, the science, medicine, so what happened to them?

What happened was the only thing left to happen to White people after they conquer all the non-white people…they began to attack each other. In almost poetic language Stoddard describes the jealous rivalries, mad ambitions and fratricidal hatreds that occur among White people when they focus on each other instead of non-white people. Drained of its best White people, it was only a matter of time before “hordes of inferior aliens” swarmed over the land. According to Stoddard, Greece has never recovered. Keep in mind that Stoddard is writing this right after World War 1. The White nations are exhausted. Millions of young White men are dead, millions more horribly crippled and untold millions never to be born. The quotes included from Stoddard contemporaries are some of the most revealing you will ever read; White people just don’t talk like this anymore, at least not in front of niggers like me.

Part 3 “The Deluge on the Dikes” is composed of the last three chapters. It is here that Stoddard offers his 1920s vision of what White people should do to solve the problem of this “Rising Tide of Color”. But first as with any good scientist, he offers up a complete diagnosis of the problem. He talks about how White people will lose all motivation if they have to compete economically with “colored people”. How non-white people will work longer and harder than White people and therefore need to be controlled with superior weapons and technology. And most interesting of all; how White people will simply refuse to have children if they see too many “colored people” around, I found that very interesting. He ends the book with a last chapter aptly titled: “The Crisis of the Ages”. A long solemn plea outlining what is at stake for White people should White Supremacy end. His argument is about as good as it gets.

Rising Tide of Color is one of those rare books whose words resonate long after reading it. Like losing your virginity, this carnal knowledge of White supremacy as described by a White person will allow the average non-white person to do what White people do everyday; which is to make the connection between the LOGIC of how to do something and the SPIRIT of why you do it.

White people don’t hafta have a “meeting” to decide that Francis Cress Welsing ain’t gonna be on C-SPAN…

Brothas ain’t gotta have no meeting to decide which female to try to pick up in the club…

As soon as Black people learn how to practice counter racism the way White people know how to practice racism, everyone may finally understand what a Black person really is…

…and the value of being one.


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