Race, Evolution and Behavior


A Counter Racist Book Review
by Josh Wickett

Author: J Philippe Rushton
Publisher: Transaction Publishers

Philippe Rushton is a White male Canadian who has attempted to write about race in an objective manner by using a lot of scientific data and evolutionary theory. Why is this book important for the counter racist scientist? Because this is the angle a lot of White people are going to come at you with when you discuss racism with them. They are going to throw facts at you. They are going to hit you with the “mountain of evidence.” And this book is full of it (no pun intended).

In “Race, Evolution and Behavior” Rushton divides all people into three groups, Orientals, Whites and Blacks and from there proceeds to show data in areas such as brain size, IQ testing, skeletal development,marital stability, genital size and about 100 other categories to prove that Black people are inferior and have less ability than White people. But in a novel twist, he places Orientals ahead of even White people in terms of intelligence, ability and all the other categories he has invented.

Probably his most controversial theory is in regard to his “r-K” scale of reproductive strategies. It goes like this: White people, Dolphins, Whales, Elephants (all the smart animals) have low fertility and a lower number of offspring which they spend a higher amount of time and energy nurturing and raising, this is the “K” selected reproductive strategy.

On the other hand niggers, clams, fish and rats…( all the lower animals) have a large number of children and just don’t take care of them because enough will survive out of the millions they have. This he terms the “r” selected reproductive strategy.

Now I say that when you engage fact driven White people like this in discussions about race, don’t even bother to try and counter their facts and scientific data with facts of your own. Don’t go into all that “we built the pyramids…we were kings and queens in Africa stuff.” You wanna fast forward their argument to get to their motive for bringing this “mountain of evidence” of Black inferiority to the table.

What I do is this, I say:

“Ok, I have a low IQ, Im HIV positive, Im unemployed, Im an alcoholic, Im a crack head, I have pus filled bleeding gums, I stink, and…I LOOK LIKE A MONKEY!”

“Now, What are WE gonna do about ME?”

This is what you gotta do, just get it all out there for the sake of argument. See White people have tricked us into thinking that we gotta justify NOT being mistreated by them. That we hafta somehow prove ourselves worthy of being treated correctly, as if we could do this in a system of White Supremacy. If thats the case, you better lock your children up because a 5 year old is not as smart as the average nigger!  Do they deserve to be mistreated?  Armed with all the data on Black inferiority that Rushton brings to the table (and its a lot), White people really only have 3 choices:

1. Do nothing

2. Kill all the niggers

3. Help them

Thats basically it. For all of his data, those are his only options (he conveniently leaves this part out of the book, I suspect its filed under the title what White people talk about when there are no Black people around) This book is packed with a lot of interesting data, for example, is it just me? or does it seem like a lot of Black guys have deep voices? Rushton argues that this phenomenon and the other secondary male sexual characteristics are a product of higher levels of testosterone in Black males Has this subject been addressed anywhere else?

Rushton’s most creative racial twist is to place “Orientals” at the top of the racial order with Blacks at the bottom and Whites in the middle. Following that logic he also relates penis size to intelligence with Blacks being well endowed but stupid and “Orientals” being smart with meager members.  Just like in Goldilocks and the three bears, Whites are “just right.” Some of you will be amazed at all of the data about race that has been collected, whether its true of not, remember to focus on the motive. Don’t get caught up trading facts about race with a White person, I sometimes think they make them up on their lunch hour. And even if every nigger went out and built a pyramid tomorrow, do you think White people would stop practicing racism?

Once White people get you tricked into trying to prove you are worthy of being treated correctly based on some test they invented…JUST FOR YOU!  Its all over, you better pack a lunch cause it never ends. I may be a nigger, I may not be smart, but I cannot agree to be mistreated based on my own limitations, especially limitations placed on me by people smarter and more powerful than myself.

Check this book out, its got just about every argument against Black people except the one that justifies mistreating you.

Josh Wickett


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