www.chimpout.com: how white beings view african people


Welcome to Chimpout. A black plague is descending upon civilization. That plague is called the nigger. Here at Chimpout we provide up to the minute nigger facts and news stories that are either covered up or buried by the mainstream media. Everything you read here is the truth, gleaned from worldwide sources.

Our message is simple. Niggers are a cancer upon human society.

You will find true stories of brutal nigger rapes, murders and other anti-social behavior, along with a healthy dose of general nigger stupidity that largely goes unreported by the big media outlets.

Sit back, read up and find out the true nature of the nigger, be prepared to laugh, cry and become furious as you discover the on going destruction and mayhem caused by niggers.
We are not a white supremacist site here at Chimpout. We welcome all races, creeds, and colors……just no niggers.

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www.irateirishman.com: how white beings view african people

www.niggermania.com: how white beings view black/african people | How To Be A Nigger

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